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Metos Marine is one of the world's leading suppliers of marine galley and laundry equipment, and specializes in providing durable and high-quality kitchen equipment, kitchen furniture and laundry equipment for professional use in the maritime and shipping industry. Our wide range of equipment meets the highest quality and safety requirements and is designed to withstand the demanding maritime environment that requires strict safety standards. 

Thanks to our long experience in the field, our professionals specializing in marine equipment understand the special features of the industry. Our kitchen appliances and furniture are already used on more than 6,000 ships. The main target groups for marine deliveries are container ships in international cargo traffic, work ships, offshore ships, Baltic Sea cruisers, icebreakers and research vessels. On average, we deliver about 150 complete galleys to ships every year.

Metos' first deliveries to ships took place as early as in the 50s, and actual Marine sales began in the 70s. From the beginning, the planning of ship galleys and design of equipment developed specifically for ships have also been involved. Today, we can offer ship galley planning by professionals specialized in the field. 

Durable kitchens 

A ship's galley equipment is chosen with the intention that it will last the entire life of the ship. In our selection, you will find the best and most suitable equipment for all purposes. We are thoroughly familiar with marine regulations and standards, deal with them on a daily basis and take them into account in all our deliveries.

As a rule, the equipment is chosen with the intention that it will last the entire life of the ship.


In addition to design services, commissioning and technical support are part of our service selection in complete kitchen deliveries. Experienced technical support is available to assist as a remote service if problems arise. We also deliver spare parts for the equipment we sell and have a wide selection in stock: more than 15,000 types of spare parts, ready for fast delivery – so that you get the help you need as quickly as possible.

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